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During Our K-12 Education:
We Should Have Learned How-To-Memorize
We Could Have Learned How-To-Create

We Can Be America's Trim Tab to Create Positive, Meaningful, and Lasting Change to Help Create A Great America. Jeff Bridges' Explanation of A Trim Tab During 2019 Golden Globes Cecil B. deMille Award Starting @ 4 Minutes 22 Seconds

Learn How-To-Memorize and How-To-Create What Matters!
The Creative Process is The Most Successful Method in History for Achieving Your Goals!
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What Can We Learn from IBM's Dismal Olympics AD? How-To!

What's My GIFT? I SEE What Most People Fail to SEE. IBM's Dismal Olympics' AD: Let's Create Some Thing . . . Really? "If you are not using a process, you do not know what you are doing." - W. Edwards Deming, America's Founding Father of Total Quality Management We Must Teach Children How-To-Memorize & How-To-Create.

The' Creative Process is The' Foundation to Create Every Thing Else?

Not 1 School in America Teaches Children How-To-Memorize. True? Not 1 School in America Teaches Children How-To-Create. True? When Will You Choose to Learn, Practice, and Master 1 Proven, Dependable, and Repeatable Method for Memorizing & Creating to Help Create A Great America? Sooner Rather Than Later?

Our Dream for The Healing Arts Day Spa and Your Monthly Participation

Our GOAL: For You to Receive 1 Monthly Treatment @ The Healing Arts Day Spa; Because: That's What's Best for Your Health, Your Therapist's Health, The Healing Arts Day Spa's Health, And Your Monthly Participation is The' Key for Our Out-Reach to Adults, Teenagers, and Children About Learning How-T0-Memorize & How-To-Create.

Understanding The Creative Process is for Angela and You Too? Yes!

What did I learn from watching Angela's YouTube, Water Color Mastery? She needlessly struggles due to not having a clear understanding about The Creative Process. You'll find this evidence about Angela's Not Knowing  @ 15:20. And more specifics about Angela's Feelings of Uncertainty @ 16:03. Also, Please Visit AngelaFehr.com
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